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Welcome to Dansetimer Stavanger @Triangle Studio, right by the Sea in Stavanger!


We want to share with you our love of dance and funky Ladies only dance classes!


We take care to choose the most passionate and welcoming dance instructors here in Stavanger. 

Below are a couple of videos with our Stavanger dance instructors to give you a flavour of our style. We are different from the gyms around the Stavanger area because we prioritise friendly, quality dance tuition here in Stavanger, with no judgement if you are fit or out of shape, we make all our students of different ages, levels and dance styles feel happy and at home!


The only request is that you dance with your heart.

 We are so lucky to have this studio space and also access to incredibly rich dance instruction

Chip is from the UK and with her funky routines for Dance Zing Queens

and our very much appreciated Rebekka Sleveland with her Ballroom dance elegance from Norway - She will be back in January with a fabulous new class!


When you find the dance style and group that suits you, at the right level, you will be super motivated to want to go back again and again! Dance makes life more fun, and enjoyable. 


We run our own dance lessons, and unique to Stavanger, we have a studio with a very "at home" feel. 


Our students often say just how much they have love their dancing, and many make friends here in Stavanger. So it is a great way to smile, have fun and gradually meet people too!


It is a good balance between taking it seriously and also being relaxed. You do not have to worry about being "the best" or in competition with others. It is set up that if you are beginner, you can follow, and if you are more advanced, you can "Dance with your Heart".

You can keep reading and take a look at our dance classes in Stavanger, and if you need private one to one dance tuition then do get in touch with us!

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