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Priorities in Stavanger Life:
Dance - Health - Smile- Fun- Get Fit -
Energy -Make Friends - Cool Moves....

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Hello Dance Lover! 

Welcome to Dansetimer Stavanger, at Triangle Studio in Stavanger! We want to share with you the most passionate, welcoming, enthusiastic, skilled dance classes with a "vibe" here in Stavanger. 

Read about our Stavanger dance instructors and even other organisations with quality dance tuition here in Stavanger.

This website covers different ages, levels and dance styles.


We have dansekurs, and we hope to make you fit and happy with dance all year round!.

When I moved here, I wanted to find what was on offer. Stavanger and Sandnes are a hotbed of excellence for dancers themselves, with outstanding teachers. Discover hidden gems on the dance tutor profiles.


If you hear of someone amazing, get in touch so we can feature them.


We are so lucky to have access to incredibly rich dance instruction. That honestly you probably wouldn't find anywhere else in such a focussed area!

I have personally tried many of these dance classes. When I moved here in 2017 I found it difficult to gain information about the different activities going on here - if you were not "in the know" you could easily miss out finding out about a brilliant class.

The idea behind this website is to give those who love dance the quickest easiest way to find a class. If you find the dance style and group that suits you, at the right level, you will be super motivated to want to go back again and again! I wish for you that dance makes your life more fun, and enjoyable. 

My opinions about other dance studios are not paid for. We run our own dance lessons, but we earn no commission from other Stavanger dance teachers or Stavanger dance schools. Nobody pays to be featured on the site - if the teacher or the dance school make it onto this website, it is because they are delivering dance that comes from their heart and soul!


Dance can change your life. It has absolutely improved mine :-)

We believe that there is room for all dance styles, all levels and all tutors who dedicate themselves to what they do.


Please see my little video below recorded locally on Forus Strand... generally we have ladies of 30+ (although EVERYONE is welcome!) The ladies often say how much they have missed dancing, and many make friends here in Stavanger. So it is a great way to smile, have fun and gradually meet people in Stavanger too! It is a very relaxed group and you do not have to worry about being "the best" or in competition with others. It is set up that if you are beginner, you can follow, and if you are more advanced, you can "Dance with your Heart".

If you want group dance classes in Stavanger or Sandnes, or need private one to one dance tuition or even want to find out more about online dance routines you can follow in your own home, then do enjoy looking around! 


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