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Month by Month Updates, Deals, News and Performances!

1st - Takk & Thank you

Firstly, let's thank the Landlord and also the Landlord's Mum. 

 Without you coming to dance, there would not be Stavanger Dansetimer!

We are grateful to you for leaving your home *maybe on a cold,

rainy Stavanger day (!) and coming down to be with us!

You motivate us to make this studio a wonderful place.

It's YOU, the TUTORS and the STUDIO that make this amazing! 

So, we like to reward our customers for being a part of this team too...

March 2023

Planning the timetable....

​We welcome Rebekka Sleveland as the very first of our new dance teachers.

She's a brilliant person and an amazing dance teacher. We are incredibly lucky to have her be a part of this!

We also feel super lucky to have the famous Andrew Byrne who will be starring up the yoga activities here at Triangle Studios! His reputation has spread so fast in Stavanger - he's just fantastic.

Stavanger Danslærer.jpg

April 2023

Our Grand Opening!​


Things are getting VERY exciting now as we will begin our group dance classes, yoga classes, and of course offer singing lessons and Voice for Business sessions too.

dansetimer stavanger.png

1 - 31. May 2023

Bring a friend to dance class and try a yoga class FREE on us! 

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