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Stavanger & Sandnes Dance Teachers, Dance Schools, (& even where to buy
Dance Shoes & Clothes..)
 Here is just a taster of some of the brilliant instructors!

An incredible centre of not only dance excellence, but also VERY international and right at the forefront of what is going on dance-wise in Sandnes. 

Specialists in Hip Hop and going right up to Advanced level, this is DEFINITELY worth a visit! They cater for all levels, right from beginner, but expect that once you get more familiar with the Hip Hop Genre, they will seriously get you to raise your game!


Some of the dance videos they put out are WELL worth a watch - VERY energised and super skilled. Highly recommended for young, energetic kids with a LOVE of music and skilled moves. Can you tell that we are impressed? :-)  

The Core Dance Studio - Sandnes


 Juan Rojas is our media expert and customer Relationship manager. He's lived in both Oslo and Stavanger.


He's brilliant on the team, as his background is in

TV, Filming and Events Organising.In Oslo he even met the King of Norway - King Harald V!


He's just an all round amazing human, which is why Chip asked him to help dancers like you to find what they are looking for...

Juan Rojas -
Customer Support Lead and Head of Media

Another UK dance tutor who has made his home in Norway, he has established himself as one of the absolutely MOST musical and fluent Hip Hop teachers in the area!


Insanely talented Choreographer - from beginners right up to highly skilled advanced dancers...

Liam Pentland
Choreographer and Advanced Hip Hop Inspirational Person!


I have huge thanks to give Benedicte because of her super funky dance class at Sats in Stavanger, back in 2017. She is a really motivating, genuine and warm lady as well. She has been a Zumba instructor for 11 years. 

She learned Hip Hop from the age of 7 years, and later also started Ballroom Dancing. She has a particular passion for not only Zumba, but also Bellydance, Bollywood and Afrodance. Zumba has no boundaries, so very often Benedicte includes these flavours in her classes too!


Her classes are at: 

Sats Madla Tuesdays KL. 17.30

and Thursdays KL 09.00,


SATS Tasta on Wednesdays KL 09.00

and Sundays KL 11.00


What else can I say about Benedicte? She simply gives warmth and enthusiasm to all her dancers! Highly reccomended - you will come out buzzing with positive endorphins. 

Benedicte Dehli Pedersen - Zumba Instructor Sats Madla Amfi & Sats Tasta

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Salsa Stavanger is based in Bikubå, in NJS' own dance rooms. NJS stands for "Nord-Jæren Sportsdanseklubb"


 Halls and floors are adapted for dance training. There are very good parking facilities. If you enjoy partner dancing then this is for you. The way they teach is in a circle and they rotate your dance partner. In the beginner's class, the dance skill levels vary hugely, but this generally evens out the more advanced courses you go to.  

Salsa Stavanger 

Salsa Sunshine in Stavanger? Click here!
Image by Tim Mossholder

Stavanger Kulturskole is an incredible initiative from the kommune here in Stavanger.


It is part of the culture here that all children and adults have access to quality dance tuition. If you look at what is on offer, there are some very good starter classes for children. They do go all the way up to adult dance classes, although I must admit that the choices become less the older you get? Very good for learning decent dance technique from well respected tutors. A lovely Space to dance in! 

Stavanger Kulturskole

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Yaneluz has energy like a sparkling firework. She is from Venezuela, and we are so lucky to have her right here in Stavanger. She is a powerhouse! She was one of the first people I ever went to have a dance class with in Stavanger.

Yaneluz is super friendly and encouraging, and also kicks your butt, in a good way! She runs classes at 24/7, The Stage, SUPER POPULAR! I have been myself to her classes, and I recommend highly for dance, while getting "feel good" muscle aches and a great workout!!

Yaneluz Jiminez - Specialist in Zumba

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