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The True Story Why This Website Exists...

There's a treasure chest of talented dance tutors here, but some of them do not tell people online about their amazing projects.


How do you know you are looking for something if you do not know it exists in the 1st place?!


There are amazing dancers and choreographers here,

yet often highly talented dancers are introverted extroverts!

They express themselves, but do not always tell people about their talents... 

This website aims to give you updates and news about what is happening in dance, in the Stavanger area. I have tried many of these dance classes personally.

We are not influenced by people "buying their way onto this website"

We give an honest flavour of what each dance class is all about. 

 This gives you the quickest + easiest way to find a class you love.


It is important to find a dance style and group suits YOU, at the right level.


This will make you totally want to go back every week, and become the dancer you know you can be!


It is unbiased because I am including even dance schools and dance teachers who are not teaching with us!

If what they are doing is good, we are happy to celebrate their talent and hard work - we think that they deserve it :-)

Of course, we do hope that this will also benefit and extend the reach of discovery for our own team of dance teachers, too? 

It just may be that for some of you, our classes will also be right thing for you :-) 

If you want:

Group Dance lessons in Stavanger or Sandnes

Private One to One Dance Classes in Stavanger or Sandnes

and even Online Easy to Follow Dance Routines!

Then you are absolutely in the right place!


We are on the lookout for quality dance tutors who could host Social dance evenings. Everyone loves the opportunity to explore the new dance moves taught in a class, while also mastering classic moves! If you know an amazing instructor who makes sure everyone gets individual attention whilst keeping the class collaborative, the we would love to find out more? Get in touch with us!


This class would also be a nice addition to our timetable! 


Again, if you know someone who you think is really good, then please do get in touch and we will personally go and try a class! 

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