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Chip Jenkins - Dance Zing


We are a group of friendly international grown up women *Dance Zing Queens (👸)

from literally all over the world (very much including Norwegians!)


The class provides funky moves, you get sweaty and have warm social contact whilst also allowing members to express themselves with some awesome and easy to follow moves! 

Chip Jenkins - Founder of Dance Zing and

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Onsdag & Torsdag Danskurs i Stavanger

Class Time + Book a Place

Read about each teacher, when they teach and book your place directly here!

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Currently mainly singing lessons happen on Tuesdays, while we grow our team and organise more dance activities

In the meantime, if you would like to

know more about the singing classes 

Or perhaps you would like to

find out more about yoga classes

Or the online marketing service called

Voice for Business

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